Bivalve blisters: versatile and recyclable solutions for retail and specialised sectors

In the dynamic landscape of large-scale retailing and specialised sectors, efficiency and sustainability have become cornerstones for success and competitiveness. In this context, NBC Niada’s NIBOX® blisters emerge as innovative and highly adaptable solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. These versatile containers, also known as hanging cases, are appreciated not only for their customisation capacity, but also for their positive ecological impact, as they are made entirely of environmentally friendly, completely transparent and 100% recyclable PET.

Features of NIBOX® Bivalve Blisters

NIBOX® blister packs are not only robust and safe, but also extremely practical thanks to their firm snap closure, which allows for fast and efficient manual packaging. This feature makes them ideal for industries that require fast product handling without the need for additional equipment. The NIBOX® product range is extensive and designed to meet the specific needs of different sectors:

  • Large-scale retail trade: in supermarkets and grocery shops, NIBOX® blister packs are used to package consumer goods, offering a practical and visually appealing option for display and sales.
  • Hardware and Housewares: here, NIBOX® blister packs find a place to pack small items such as screws, bolts, and household accessories, ensuring effective organisation and optimal product protection.
  • Hydraulics: thanks to their strength and transparency, NIBOX® blister packs are the ideal choice for containing and displaying hydraulic components and fittings clearly and securely.
  • Stationery: for pens, pencils, highlighters and other office supplies, NIBOX® blister packs offer a professional and tidy presentation on stationery shop shelves.
  • Jewellery sector: jewellery deserves packaging that enhances and protects it at the same time: NIBOX® blisters can be customised to suit the specific needs of each piece of jewellery, ensuring safety and attractiveness.
  • Printer Cartridges: one of the most innovative applications is the NIBOX® flat-back blister line, designed specifically for printer cartridges. These blister packs not only protect the cartridges but also facilitate their access and use.

Innovation and Sustainability

The Niada Group is constantly striving for innovation and sustainability, continuously developing new solutions that meet the needs of the modern market. In addition to the standard line of NIBOX® blisters, the company also offers special formats and customisations for various industries. The choice of environmentally friendly PET as the main material not only reduces environmental impact but also reflects the focus on responsible and sustainable production.

NIBOX® blister packs represent more than just containers: they are a symbol of innovation, versatility and environmental commitment in the retail and specialised sectors. Whether optimising shelf space in a supermarket or ensuring optimal protection of delicate components, NBC Niada’s NIBOX® blister packs are the ideal choice for those looking for practical, safe and environmentally friendly solutions.

With NIBOX®, the future of packaging is here, offering solutions that not only meet the needs of the present but also pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.