Blister Packs: What Are They and What Are They Used For?

In the industrial and packaging field, blister packs are thermoformed containers used to package and protect products such as cosmetics, hardware items, plumbing and household goods, and consumer items.

A thermoformed blister pack consists of a sheet of flexible plastic material, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is heated and molded into a three-dimensional shape. This thermoforming process allows for the creation of a cavity or compartment that perfectly fits the product to be packaged.

The product is then placed into the blister’s cavity, and a covering film, typically made of aluminum or plastic, is sealed on top to protect the product from external agents like moisture, light, and contaminants. The covering film can be perforated or pre-cut to make it easier for consumers to open the blister pack.

Thermoformed blister packs are popular because they offer numerous advantages, including effective product protection, clear content visibility, attractive packaging, and the ability to include additional information like labels or instructions.

Thermoformed Blister Packs Offered by Niada NBC

Niada NBC offers customers various types of thermoformed blister packs. Among these are the Sliding blister packs, standard blister packs produced in ecological PVC or PET, transparent, 100% recyclable, equipped with a universal European hanging hole and 3 folds or “rails”, which allow an effective locking of the closing cardboard and a quick, straightforward packaging without needing additional equipment or machinery.

The rounded design encases the product, protecting it, while its brightness and clarity offer an optimal visual impact and enhanced safety during use. These characteristics are crucial in promoting and selling the product contained within.

Furthermore, NBC Niada introduced CONVEX®, a patented line of blister packs available in a two-part version and slidind blister with 3 folds or “rails”. The CONVEX® blister packs are made from fully recyclable and eco-friendly material and come with a universal European hanging hole.

This specific packaging type features a domed shaping and a captivating and refined design that wraps and protects the product, enhancing it through sinuous shapes, brightness, and exceptional transparency, qualities that encourage its purchase.

Available quickly, in over 40 formats, and without additional mold costs, the CONVEX® blister packs are particularly secure and robust, making them ideal for the mobile phone sector.

Contact us to learn about the characteristics and contexts of use for Niada NBC’s thermoformed blister packs and to find the solution best suited to your needs!