NBC Niada, your partner in thermoforming and blister production since 1975

Companies that choose NBC Niada for the supply of thermoformed plastic products can rely on the experience and expertise of a leader in the thermoforming sector in Europe since 1975. Today, we offer the best products and solutions designed to meet various demands and needs.

A center of excellence for packaging and thermoforming in Malnate

In the heart of Varese province, in Malnate, there are the headquarters of NBC Niada, a packaging and thermoforming center that has always offered a third-party packaging service to its customers. Among the many products offered by the company there are sliding blisters with 3 folds, clamshell blisters, thermoformed items, trays for industrial handling, thermoformed trays, counter displays, medical blister valves, and other sector-specific products.

Since 1975, NBC Niada has been characterized as a family-run company committed to specific values and ethics that look to future and innovation. A reality that follows the flow of change, establishing itself as a leader and point of reference in the thermoforming sector, operating in various fields, including cosmetics, automotive, and medical.

The company guarantees flexibility and availability in the product design, customization, and development process to meet any type of requirement.

NBC Niada: sustainable and safe thermoformed products, 100% made in italy

NBC Niada supports Made in Italy by concentrating the entire production cycle exclusively at its operating sites, which spread over an area of about 12,000 m2 and enjoy a significant strategic position: located at the border with Switzerland, they are connected to the main Italian and European cities that play a key role within the sector market.

At the core of the production of sustainable and safe thermoformed products there are locally sourced and 100% recyclable raw materials, which are purchased from local suppliers and then subjected to a precise recycling and reuse program, with the goal of promoting a circular economy model, where the value of products and resources lasts longer, and waste production is minimized.

Professionalism and certifications to ensure high standards

NBC Niada guarantees high-quality products according to the highest standards, and for several years has obtained ISO 9001 certification, which qualifies the company globally.

Professionalism combined with field experience, attention to every request, advanced research means, and employed technologies represent the guarantee of a final product able to fully meet the demands of those who have been relying on NBC Niada for the production of recyclable plastic blister and thermoformed products since 1975.

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