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Unit specializes in creating and thermoforming blister intended to point of sale, wholesalers and retailers, both custom and standard for the non-food sector, with particular attention to the choice of virgin materials and recycled.
The production is divided into different product lines and offers more than 200 standard sizes of blisters in prompt delivery, available in small and large quantities, divided into three families: NIBOX® classic clamshell with strong closure, GLI SFILABILI® three-folding sliding blister , CONVEX® clamshell and three-folding sliding blister with the rounded shape. All products and trademarks are patented by the company. For those unwilling to hang your product on the shelves but expose, always standard was created NIBOLL, a new round display box, in three versions in different colors and size, which is useful to encourage the purchase if it’s place on shelves, to promote items on offer. NBC THERMOFORMING is daily engaged in design and produce personalized thermoformed packaging such as MULTIPART DISPLAY for selling points and GDO and the HANDLING INDUSTRIAL TRAYS for retail chains and stores, INNER PARTS for show-boxes for high quality cosmetics sector, and not last  THERMOFORMED PACKAGING FOR MEDICAL, SURGICAL AND ORTHODONTIC FIELD. In particular, for the latter, meeting the demands of the market, we have created a line of trays in 6 standard sizes call NIMED to meet demands of customers who need small quantities without supporting the cost of a mould.