Eco-Friendly PET Counter Displays for Your Promotional Products

Retail stores and organized distribution chains (GDO) have always sought innovative solutions to present their promotional products in an attractive way. In this context, counter and shelf displays are fundamental tools to capture customers’ attention and effectively promote special offers. Among the various options available, an eco-friendly and highly customizable solution stands out: multi-compartment displays in ecological PET.

The Evolution of Display: NBC Niada’s Multi-Compartment Displays

NBC Niada, a leading company in the product presentation solutions sector, has developed a line of multi-compartment displays that perfectly adapt to different display needs. These versatile supports are designed to be placed on pallets, attracting customer attention in checkout areas, as well as to be inserted on shelves, contributing to a neat and attractive presentation of products.

A distinctive aspect of NBC Niada’s multi-compartment displays is their flexibility. Each display can be custom-made according to the specific requirements of the client, ensuring a solution perfectly adapted to the company’s marketing and branding needs. Over the years, some standard formats have also been developed, which can be further customized to reflect the brand identity.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Aesthetic Customization

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect in the current business landscape. In response to this need, NBC Niada’s multi-compartment displays are mainly made of ecological PET, a 100% recyclable material that helps reduce environmental impact. This eco-friendly approach allows companies to present their products attractively, without compromising the well-being of the planet.

The choice of materials does not compromise the aesthetic flexibility of the displays. Each display can be made in PVC, ecological PET, PS (Polystyrene), and flocked PS, with a wide range of colors to choose from. This diversity of materials allows companies to adapt the displays to the desired look, maintaining consistency with the brand image.

Customization Beyond Design

Beyond materials and design, NBC Niada also offers customization options for product display. Services such as screen printing and pad printing are available upon request, allowing the addition of logos, slogans, and promotional graphics directly on the displays. This level of customization adds a distinctive touch to the product display, contributing to greater brand recognition and memorability of the customer’s shopping experience.

NBC Niada’s eco-friendly PET counter displays represent a cutting-edge solution for displaying promotional products in retail stores and GDOs. The combination of sustainable materials, aesthetic customization, and design flexibility offers companies a powerful tool to capture customer attention and effectively promote their special offers. In a world where sustainability and brand image are crucial, these solutions prove to be winning for both the company and the environment.