How to Choose the Ideal Packaging for Medical Products: Tips from Niada

The packaging of medical products plays a crucial role in the safety, preservation, and presentation of devices and drugs intended for use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Niada NBC positions itself as an expert team in providing customized solutions in the sector of blisters and thermoforming for medical products. In this article, we will explore Niada’s approach to the safety and sustainability of medical thermoformed products, as well as their innovative Valve Standard NIMED line, designed for operating rooms.

NBC Niada: Experts in Blisters and Thermoforming

NBC Niada stands out for its team of specialized technicians who work to develop tailored solutions for the varied requests of their clients. The medical and pharmaceutical sectors can rely on them for thermoformed and standard valve products, specifically designed for the medical, pharmaceutical, dental implantology, and electromedical device fields.

One of NBC Niada’s keys to success lies in the targeted consultation provided to clients for the selection of materials most suitable for the development of their products. This is particularly important as medical products often require specific technical and safety characteristics.

Safety and Sustainability in Medical Thermoforming

Niada places great emphasis on safety and sustainability in its medical thermoformed products. The materials used are strictly non-toxic and can be chosen from either recycled or virgin sources. Additionally, they are suitable for sterilization through various methods, including gamma rays, beta, or ETO gas. This ensures that medical products maintain their sterility and safety throughout the packaging and usage process.

To ensure the highest quality of the end product, Niada follows strict design and development stages. The company operates in suitable environments, constantly clean. Every phase of the production chain undergoes a meticulous control system, ensuring that the products meet the highest standards.

Confidentiality is another crucial aspect for Niada. Clients can rely on them to maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding projects and products developed together.

To further protect the safety of medical thermoformed products during transportation, Niada places them inside special polyethylene bags, which are then packed in packaging boxes. This practice minimizes the risk of contamination or damage during product transportation.

NIMED Valve: Innovation for Operating Rooms

Niada has recently introduced an innovative line of Standard NIMED Valves, representing a significant innovation in the industry. These valves are made of medical PETG material and are recyclable and irradiable by any sterilization system.

A unique feature of the Standard NIMED Valves is their ability to compose 3 sets of double packaging. This makes them ideal for use in operating rooms, allowing for easy pre-opening and opening during medical procedures.

Choosing the ideal packaging for medical products is a critical decision to ensure safety, quality, and convenience. NBC Niada stands out in the blister and thermoforming industry by offering customized solutions and meticulous attention to the safety and sustainability of the materials used.

Moreover, their innovative Standard NIMED Valve line offers an effective solution for the needs of operating rooms. With Niada, clients can count on a reliable partner to guide them through every phase of the process, ensuring the creation of high-quality, safe medical products that meet the highest standards.