Industrial Handling: Technical Trays

Technical trays for industrial handling are devices used for transporting and handling materials within an industrial context. These trays are designed to be robust and functional, facilitating the transfer of goods and materials from one point to another within a workspace.

Technical trays can be made from various plastic materials like PS or PET, depending on the specific needs of the industrial application. They are designed with appropriate dimensions and shapes to securely and efficiently contain the materials to be handled.

These trays may come with handles to aid in transporting and handling the materials. They can be employed in various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, automation, inventory management, and shipping.

Technical trays for industrial handling help optimize production processes, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency within an industrial work environment.

Why choose a thermoformed technical tray?

Thermoformed technical trays are suited for industrial handling for several specific reasons:

  1. Strength and Durability: Thermoformed trays are made using high-quality plastic materials, such as polystyrene (PS) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which give them strength and durability. These materials can withstand the mechanical stress and strains typical of the industrial environment, ensuring the trays can resist impacts, shocks, and abrasions.
  2. Customization: Thermoformed trays can be easily customized to fit a company’s specific material handling needs. The thermoforming process allows trays to be created in various sizes, shapes, compartments, and features based on the specific application’s requirements. This maximizes space usage and organizes materials efficiently.
  3. Lightness: Despite their strength, thermoformed trays are lightweight compared to other materials like metal. This makes their transportation and handling easier, reducing the strain on equipment and personnel.
  4. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Thermoformed trays are designed to be easy to clean and sanitize. Being made of non-porous plastic materials, dirt, residues, or contaminants can be easily removed using appropriate cleaners. This feature makes them suitable for industries requiring high hygiene standards, such as the food or pharmaceutical sector.
  5. Cost-efficiency: Thermoformed trays are generally more affordable than alternatives like metal or fiberglass trays. The thermoforming process allows for mass production of trays at reduced production costs, making them a cost-effective choice for industrial handling operations.

What are the benefits of using a technical tray for industrial handling?

More and more companies are turning to producers like NBC Niada for thermoformed technical trays due to the many advantages they offer:

  1. Material Organization and Protection: Technical trays are designed with compartments or dividers allowing materials to be organized neatly and securely. This prevents damage, breakage, or unwanted mixing during handling and transportation.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Technical trays facilitate material management within the workspace. They reduce the time and effort required to locate, pick up, and transfer materials, enhancing production process efficiency.
  3. Downtime Reduction: A well-designed technical tray provides all the necessary materials for a specific task or process in one unit. This minimizes downtime caused by searching or waiting for scattered or missing materials.
  4. Safety: Technical trays can be equipped with locking mechanisms or lids to ensure material safety during handling. This prevents accidents, damage, or injuries due to spillage or accidental material movement.
  5. Easy Handling: Technical trays are designed to be lightweight and easy to manage. They often come with handles, grip holes, or devices to facilitate manual or mechanized transport and handling.

NBC Niada’s Technical Trays for Industrial Handling

From NBC Niada’s research and development comes a range of technical trays suitable for the industrial handling of small parts and semi-finished products, perfect as box inserts.

Completely customizable and made based on the design provided by the customer using materials of their choice: PVC, 100% RECYCLABLE ECO-FRIENDLY PET, PS, and Flocked PS available in various colors with further customization through screen printing or pad printing.

Respecting the environment with sustainable production

NBC Niada, a leading company in the thermoforming sector located in Varese since 1975, offers services tailored to its customers’ specific needs. The company values professionalism, expertise, experience, and a distinct “green” spirit. The group actively promotes circular economy principles and the use of recyclable materials, supporting advanced recycling technology development, all while respecting the environment today and in the future.

Upon request, NBC Niada’s technical trays come with a lid and are designed with an expansion system for safe handling, optimized storage, and quick shipping. In any case, it’s a versatile and practical product available in reusable or disposable versions. Contact us to discover our products and get more information!