NBC Niada Thermoforms: Features, Types, and Uses

NBC Niada offers a thermoforming service, presenting a range of high-quality thermoformed products and plastic blisters, promoting made in Italy craftsmanship, using 100% recyclable, locally-sourced materials, and concentrating the entire production cycle solely at its facilities.

What Are Thermoforms and What Are They Used For?

An NBC thermoform refers to a plastic product suitable for both industrial and non-industrial use, designed to contain and protect the product from external agents and act as protective packaging.

Thermoformed packaging is produced through a high-temperature forming process, in which the material is heated and then shaped to perfectly fit the form of the object to be packaged.

This type of packaging is mainly used to provide an effective protective barrier against contamination and ensures the safety of operators handling the material. It is a process applied in the automotive, high cosmetics, and medical sectors, where NBC Niada stands as a benchmark and industry-leading company.

Types of Thermoforms Available on the Market

NBC Niada specializes in reel thermoforming, noting that there are two different types of thermoforms:

  • Reel Thermoform: These are thermoformed products wrapped from a reel and cannot achieve large thicknesses. This is the type of thermoform proposed to customers by the Niada Group.
  • Sheet Thermoform: These are thermoforms worked with greater thicknesses.

The main differences between these two types of thermoforms are the thickness of the raw material and the format, as sheet thermoforms allow for more substantial products to be made.

Thermoforms for Automotive, Medical, and High Cosmetics: Features

NBC Niada offers companies thermoformed blisters suitable for containing sealed medical devices. It’s essential to note that NBC Niada does not handle packaging but only the plastic part.

Another type of thermoform is for the industrial and automotive sectors. An example is technical trays for the industry, allowing the operator to remove products from a machine and place them in the tray for movement within the company. These thermoformed trays are also stackable.

Among the thermoforms for the high cosmetics sector are box interiors containing creams and perfumes, and in this case, the plastic mold is a thermoformed product made by NBC Niada. Lastly, we have spherical displays and other product types always suitable for various business and commercial uses.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best NBC Thermoform?

The best NBC thermoform should have the following characteristics:

Durability: The thermoform should be sturdy enough to protect its contents during transportation and storage.

Ease of Use: The thermoform should be user-friendly, ensuring quick evacuation in emergencies.

Versatility: The thermoform should adapt to various shapes and sizes of objects to be packed, allowing for protection of different material types.

Furthermore, the NBC thermoforms proposed by Niada NBC are produced according to international quality standards and have the appropriate certification to ensure product safety and reliability. Contact us for more information!