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NBC Niada’s Thermoformed Technical Trays: Their Use in Industrial Automation (and More)

Sustainability and efficiency in industrial automation are essential aspects for any company aiming to reduce environmental impact and improve productivity. NBC Niada, an Italian company committed to the Made in Italy label, is at the forefront of this sector with its thermoformed technical trays. These products not only contribute to environmental preservation but also provide an innovative solution for internal industrial handling. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and advantages of NBC Niada’s thermoformed technical trays and how they integrate into industrial automation.


NBC Niada is a company that places significant emphasis on sustainability and quality. With a strategic location on the border with Switzerland and an operational area of approximately 12,000 square meters, the company is well-positioned to serve major Italian and European cities. But what truly sets NBC Niada apart is its commitment to a sustainable and safe production cycle.

The company uses locally sourced, zero-kilometer raw materials, which undergo a rigorous recycling and reuse process. This significantly contributes to promoting a circular economy, minimizing waste production. NBC Niada also holds ISO 9001 certification, which is a recognition of its commitment to global quality standards.


NBC Niada’s thermoformed technical trays are essential for industrial automation, transport, and many other technical applications. These thermoformed packages are designed to be seamlessly integrated into assembly and manufacturing lines, even when these are automated and robotized. The main feature of these trays is their sustainability, with a high percentage of recycled material and thicknesses that can reach up to 2 millimeters.

These modern technical trays are ideal for industrial handling of any type of product, even the most delicate ones. Moreover, they are designed to be stackable, allowing for space-saving and stacking them on top of other trays without risking damage to the components or semi-finished products contained inside.


NBC Niada’s thermoformed industrial trays offer several crucial advantages for companies relying on them for internal industrial handling. Some of the most relevant features include:

Content protection and storage volume optimization: Technical trays ensure the safety of the contents during transport and maximize storage space.

Sealing underframe: These trays are designed with special sealing devices that ensure the contents remain in place during transport.

Antistatic, dissipative, or conductive materials: NBC Niada offers customized solutions to adapt to different needs, including materials that are antistatic, dissipative, or conductive, perfect for electronic applications.

Depending on the specific material requirements and objects to be contained, you can obtain trays with minimal thickness for disposable applications or thicker trays for repeated use. Additionally, these trays are compatible with new automation technologies and can be easily placed on standard transport units such as plastic crates/boxes, pallets, metal baskets, housings, and other containers.

NBC Niada can tailor its technical trays to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring an efficient thermoformed product that reduces space requirements and seamlessly integrates into any automation line. For more information on NBC Niada’s technical trays for industrial handling, do not hesitate to contact them directly. With their sustainable and safe products, they honor the Made in Italy label and innovation in industrial automation.