Our green ideology

NBC Niada for the environment: a sustainable approach to blister and thermoformed production

Niada Group embraces and promotes the concept of a circular economy, committing to reducing waste and adopting an eco-design based approach to provide ecologically sustainable products and services.


The circular economy represents a sustainable approach based on the principles of take, use, recover, and reuse. The Niada Group follows this model, promoting a new way to conceive products and services, replicating the life cycle of the product itself. Our blisters, thermoformed products, and the entire line of Niada products are designed to protect the environment from the production phase, which begins with the recycling of raw materials.

For the production of blisters, clamshell blisters, thermoformed products, trays for industrial handling, thermoformed trays, and counter displays, we primarily use local and certified materials, favoring zero-kilometer suppliers. Additionally, a significant percentage of the materials used in our blisters and thermoformed products comes from recycled and recyclable material. Our future goal is to use 100% recyclable and recycled materials, for a completely green production in line with a sustainable vision.

Based on the principles of the circular economy, at NBC Niada, we promote and support research, dedicating intense research and development activity. Our experienced team constantly works to introduce innovations and implementations that will bring about significant change in the blister and thermoformed sector, in line with total sustainability.

Choosing NBC Niada, you can be sure to obtain packaging solutions that not only enhance your products but also help to preserve the environment. We commit to providing superior quality products, adopting a sustainable approach at every stage of the production process.

Join us in adopting a sustainable approach to blister and thermoformed production. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your packaging goals responsibly and eco-friendly.

Niada goes green