Niada Slide Blister Packs: Rounded Design for Effective Product Enhancement

The Niada Group presents a revolutionary packaging solution: Niada Slide Blister Packs. These blister packs, made from PVC or eco-friendly PET, are transparent, 100% recyclable, and feature a rounded design that goes beyond mere product protection. Discover how these innovative blister packs effectively enhance and attractively showcase your items.

Simplicity is the key: equipped with a universal European hanging hole and 3 innovative folds, these blister packs ensure a secure lock for the closing cardboard. The result? Quick packaging without the need for extra machinery.

The range of slide blister packs offered by NBC Niada features over 100 different formats, providing an unprecedented level of customization. Carton development and production are entirely in the hands of the customer. With absolute customization possibilities, limitless creative space opens up to perfectly match the blister pack to your product.

  • From Shelf to Customer’s Heart: Safety and Appeal

The brilliance and transparency of these blister packs not only enhance your product but also ensure greater safety during use. From shelf display to final use, your merchandise is protected and appealing at every stage.

  • Speed and Agility: Production Times and Customization

Speed is our priority. With short production and processing times, we offer a service that meets market demands. Your merchandise doesn’t wait because we understand how crucial immediacy is.

With Niada slide blister packs, we don’t just sell packaging. We provide an impeccable frame for your product. Your identity is reflected in every packaged blister pack because your success is ours as well.

From a wide range of customizable formats to a sustainable footprint, Niada slide blister packs are much more than a simple wrapper. They are an investment in showcasing products at their best, offering the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.