Operating Room Blister Packs

In operating rooms, sterile blister packs are used to contain surgical instruments, gauze, and other medical materials. Sterilized blister packs are designed to maintain the integrity and sterility of the instruments until they are opened at the time of the surgical procedure.

Sterile blister packs can be made from various materials, including plastic, aluminum, or a combination of both. The choice of blister pack often depends on individual hospital preferences and surgical team regulations. Plastic blisters are commonly used and can be transparent or bluish. The plastic used is typically rigid to protect the instruments and maintain their integrity during transport and storage.

Why Choose Thermoformed Blister Packs for the Operating Room

Thermoformed blister packs are a popular choice for operating rooms for several reasons:

  1. Visibility: Thermoformed blister packs can be made with transparent or semi-transparent materials, like rigid plastic, allowing for visibility of the instruments inside without opening the blister. This feature is especially useful for quickly identifying desired instruments during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of mistakes or delays.
  2. Protection: Thermoformed blister packs offer physical protection to surgical instruments. The rigid plastic used in thermoforming is shock-resistant and protects against mechanical stress, reducing the risk of damage or deformity during transport and handling. Moreover, thermoformed blister packs protect instruments from contamination by dust, bacteria, and other external agents.
  3. Ease of Opening: Thermoformed blister packs are designed for quick and easy opening. They can come with strips or tabs that facilitate the removal of the protective cover without needing additional tools or instruments. This saves time during surgical procedures, helping to maintain the efficiency and fluidity of the operation.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Thermoformed blister packs are designed to meet specific safety regulations and requirements for use in the operating room. They are developed following the guidelines and recommendations of relevant health authorities, ensuring they meet the required standards for a sterile environment.

NBC Niada’s Operating Room Blister Packs

NBC Niada operates through a team of specialized technicians, developing customized solutions based on different requirements. They provide thermoformed and standard valves for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, specific products for medical, pharmaceutical, dental implantology, systems, and electromedical devices.

NBC Niada is committed to creating the final product following specific design and development stages, working in suitable environments within the company, through a meticulous and rigorous control system of the entire production chain, ensuring complete customer confidentiality.

To guarantee safety, several protocols are followed: medical thermoformed items, for instance, are placed inside special polyethylene bags and subsequently packed in boxes.


Among the latest innovations of the Niada Group stands out the special line of Standard NIMED Valves, made from recyclable medical PETG material and irradiable through any sterilization system. This type of valve can comprise 3 sets of double packaging and is ideal for pre-opening and opening in operating rooms.

Customer Focus, Environmental Attention

NBC Niada has always met not only the needs of customers seeking thermoformed blister packs for the medical sector but also operates with a particular focus on sustainability and the environment, proposing a zero-km production of thermoformed products.

Contact us for more information about our thermoformed blister packs for the medical field and operating rooms: we will offer the most suitable solution for your needs!