Packaging: Discover All the Phases

Packaging is a fundamental part of the production and distribution process of products in various industrial sectors. In the modern world, packaging is no longer just considered a wrapper to protect products, but it also plays a crucial role in aesthetic presentation and brand communication. In this article, we will explore the concept of packaging and its various phases, focusing particularly on the third-party packaging service offered by Gruppo Niada.

The Third-Party Packaging Service: Gruppo Niada

Gruppo Niada stands out for its third-party packaging service, covering a wide range of product sectors, including hardware, plumbing, stationery, household goods, medical, cosmetics, automotive, and many others. This service is made possible through the use of the most advanced technologies and automatic and semi-automatic machinery, all conforming to the strict regulations of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

The Group’s long experience in the sector allows Niada to optimize the packaging process, guaranteeing customers a professional, fast, and competitive service. The Group’s rigorous quality standards ensure the utmost confidentiality for information related to clients and involved partners.

Phases of the Packaging Service Offered by NBC Niada

The packaging service offered by NBC Niada covers a series of crucial phases to ensure an excellent and satisfactory result. These phases include:

  • Goods Control During Production: Careful supervision of goods during the production process to ensure quality and compliance with required standards.
  • Incoming Goods Check: Accurate verification of goods upon arrival, to ensure they are in perfect condition and ready for the next phase.
  • Ink-Jet Printing of Batch and Expiry: Application of ink-jet codes to clearly identify the batch and expiration date of the products, ensuring traceability and safety for consumers.
  • Blister Insertion: Products are carefully inserted into blisters, which are then placed in thermo-shrunk counter display bases.
  • Display Boxes and Transport Cartons: The display bases are arranged in attractive and functional display boxes, ready for presentation in retail outlets. Moreover, the service includes packaging in transport boxes, ensuring safe delivery.
  • Labelling Service (Upon Request): At the customer’s request, NBC Niada also offers a labelling service, to ensure that each product is correctly identified and informed.

In conclusion, packaging is a crucial aspect for the success of any product on the market. Gruppo Niada stands out for its third-party packaging service, offering a professional and highly qualified approach to all phases of the packaging process. From production to the arrival of the finished product at sales points, Gruppo Niada guarantees maximum care and attention to detail, ensuring the quality, safety, and visual impact of the packaged products.

Whether it is industrial products or cosmetic items, packaging plays an essential role in meeting consumer needs and building a winning brand image. Thanks to the packaging service offered by NBC Niada, companies can focus on their main production, leaving the packaging task in the expert hands of industry professionals.