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Special Thermoformed Packaging for Medical Devices

termoformati presidi medici

40 years of experience have made possible to NIADA GROUP  design and production of thermoformed medical devices, dental implants, systems and electro-medical equipment. The accuracy in the production of thermoformed and the selection of the best available raw materials is of fundamental importance in these sensitive areas and no margin of error. For these reasons, the NIADA GROUP has invested a lot of resources to create an inner atelier for the production of molds and prototypes and only after approval  by the customer, we proceed with the final mold. In the production stage maximum attention is paid on each piece, which is picked and checked before being placed in a polythene bag before being tightly closed in box packing; all this is done in a controlled environment and free of dust. The materials used are virgins, non-toxic and suitable for sterilization by gamma rays, beta or ETO gas and can be sealed with medical grade paper.

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