NBC Niada: at the service of innovation

The Best Services in the Thermoforming Sector. The best support for your needs

NBC Niada, a leading company in the sector of thermoformed products located in Malnate, province of Varese, has been offering a series of services developed based on the specific needs of its customers since 1975, reflecting professionalism, expertise, experience, and a decidedly “green” spirit. The Group promotes the principles of the circular economy and the use of recyclable, local materials, supporting the development of advanced recycling technology, with full respect for the environment, both today and in the future.

The four cornerstones of NBC Niada services

Design, thermoforming, packaging, logistics: these are the four cornerstones from which a range of highest quality services arises, meeting the varied needs of numerous sectors, including hardware, plumbing, stationery, household, medical, cosmetics, automotive, and much more.

The Malnate company also offers solutions for industrial movement, storage, and shipment of semi-finished and finished products.

Third-party packaging service

Niada Group offers a third-party packaging service for various sectors including hardware, plumbing, stationery, household, medical, cosmetics, automotive, and much more. The packaging process is facilitated by the best technologies, automatic and semi-automatic machinery, operating in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

Multi-year experience allows optimizing the packaging process, offering the client a professional, fast, and competitive service. Niada Group operates according to high-quality standards, always guaranteeing absolute confidentiality regarding customer and partner information.

NBC Niada handles all phases of packaging, and the service includes: goods control during production, incoming goods control, ink-jet batch and expiry date printing, insertion of blisters in special thermo-shrinking counter display bases placed in display boxes and transport boxes, and, upon request, labeling service.

Not only thermoformed products and blisters: logistics service

In addition to being active in the production and creation of thermoformed products and blisters for various industrial sectors, NBC Niada assists the customer in storing and logistic management of products, ensuring efficient organization and perfect management.

The proven experience of the Niada Group has allowed the company to develop, over time, agreements and partnerships with the main national couriers capable of serving a wide area. The service offered by NBC Niada includes logistics and goods storage, thus fully and quickly meeting any kind of request.


NBC Niada has the most modern machines and a highly qualified staff. The entire production chain develops internally, at the headquarters in Malnate (Varese), allowing for very quick and efficient order management and constant monitoring regarding quality and efficiency.

A green vision, the use of the best tools and the most innovative technologies, make Niada your ideal partner in the blister and thermoformed sector, hinged blister, sliding blister with 3 folds, trays for industrial handling, thermoformed trays, counter displays, and other sector products.

Contact us to find the solution that best suits your thermoformed product needs and discover the availability, experience, and expertise of a European leader like NBC Niada.