Third party packaging

NBC Niada. The best third party packaging service

A precise and punctual third party packaging service for various sectors

The Niada Group offers a third party packaging service for various sectors such as hardware, hydraulics, stationery, household, medical products, cosmetics, automotives, and much more.

The packaging process is done with the best technologies, automated and semi-automated machinery, which operate following the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

Our extensive experience allows us to optimize the packaging process, offering a professional, fast, and competitive service. The Niada Group operates according to highest-quality standards, always guaranteeing the confidentiality of Customer and Partner information.

NBC Niada deals with all phases of packaging. The services include quality control during production, quality control for incoming products, ink-jet printing of the batch number and expiry date, insertion of blisters in special heat shrunk packages and placed in counter display racks and transport boxes, and upon request, labeling services.

Discover all packaging formats and types:


The classic blister consists of a valve and cardboard.

The thermoformed valve, suitably designed to show off your product, is heat-sealed to the supporting paperboard. This backing card can be an effective means of communication through its personalized graphics, still the most widely used method thanks to its adaptability to the various products and low cost. The high-volume packaging batches allow production on fully automatated lines with cost savings.



Tamper-proof heat-sealed blisters consist of two parts of a single plastic material (front and back) which hold (without the use of glues) an internal sheet or paperboard for advertising purposes aimed at the end user. The product is inserted at the same time as the sheet before the sealing phase. Thermoforming and heat sealing in a single process in fully automated packaging results in cost reduction of the package. This solution is also feasible for high production batches.
The same tamper-proof process can be achieved with High-Frequency sealing suitable for medium batches.



Classic blister cards provide a greater visual appeal, classiness, and consistency to your package. Its thermoformed valve is heat-sealed, with the backing card containig advertising directed at the final consumer. High-volume packaging batches allow production on fully automatated lines resulting in cost savings.



Consumers have peace of mind when the product is in a sealed blister package that shows when someone has tampered with it. The front and back are in paperboard, whose surface lends itself to advertisements to the consumer. The thermoformed valve is customized, positioned between the two paperboard surfaces by heat sealing along the flange. The blister makes your product stand out thereby adding value.