NBC Niada: blisters and thermoformed products at the service of your products

Your thermoformed packaging: a customized and prompt service to make the best of your product.

Thermoforming your packaging: a personalized and timely service that best enhances your product. For over 45 years, NBC Niada has distinguished itself as a leader in the thermoforming sector, offering high-quality solutions such as blisters, thermoformed products, clamshell blisters, sliding blisters with 3 folds, trays for industrial handling, thermoformed trays, countertop displays, and other specific products for various sectors.

Our passion, innovation, and constant research are the keys to producing innovative, customizable, and adaptable solutions for various industries, including sectors such as medical, cosmetics, and automotive.

Our range includes over 200 standard blisters available in stock, ready for immediate delivery and without mold costs. These standard blisters are ideal for quick, simple, and efficient packaging, also suitable for small quantity orders. We offer an attractive and safe line of packaging, primarily produced with recyclable and zero-kilometer materials. We strive to enhance your product to the fullest without compromising the environment.

At our Group, all products undergo a continuous process of optimization and improvement. We work closely with our clients and are committed to constantly introducing new solutions and technologies to increase the efficiency and quality of our products.

Our mission is to provide personalized and timely service, best meeting the needs of our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work diligently and devotedly to exceed your expectations.

Choosing NBC Niada means relying on a company with extensive experience in the thermoforming sector. We are ready to make our knowledge and expertise available to provide you with high-quality packaging solutions that highlight your product and meet market demands.

Contact us to discuss your packaging needs. We are ready to offer you professional service, fast delivery times, and products that reflect our dedication to innovation and quality.