Space-saving thermoforms: Solutions for advanced logistics

“Space-saving thermoforms” are containers designed to optimize the storage and conservation space of objects or products. These thermoforms are made using a thermoforming technique, which involves heating a plastic film and shaping it into a specific form.

The distinctive feature of space-saving thermoforms is their ability to stack or nest multiple containers efficiently, minimizing the space they occupy. Often, these containers are designed with special shapes or edges that securely interlock, allowing them to be stacked without falling or sliding.

Space-saving thermoforms are widely used in a variety of industries, such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and logistics. They can be used for packaging and storing food products, medical devices, electronic components, toys, and many other items.

Using space-saving thermoforms allows for the optimization of storage space usage, simplifies product management and organization, and reduces transportation and storage costs.

What is the role of thermoforms in advanced logistics?

Thermoforms are widely used in advanced logistics for various purposes. Here are some common uses of thermoforms in logistics:

  1. Protective packaging: Thermoforms are used to protect and package sensitive products during transport. These containers can be custom-designed to fit the product perfectly, ensuring optimal protection from impacts, weather conditions, and other potential damages.
  2. Inventory organization and management: Thermoforms can be used to organize and segregate items within a warehouse or distribution center. With their tailored shape and stacking capability, they allow for maximizing available space and simplifying the search and retrieval of items.
  3. Space waste reduction: Space-saving thermoforms are particularly useful in reducing space usage during transport and storage. Thanks to their stacking ability and optimized object placement, they maximize the use of space within transport containers, pallets, or vehicles.
  4. Traceability and security: Thermoforms can be equipped with labeling systems or barcodes to ensure proper item traceability along the supply chain. Moreover, they can be designed with closures or security seals to prevent tampering or theft during transport.

Moreover, thermoforms can be made with recyclable and recycled materials, contributing to reducing the environmental impact in logistics. Also, the reduction in space taken up allows for optimizing vehicle loads and reducing CO2 emissions associated with transport.

NBC Niada’s space-saving thermoforms for mass consumption products

NBC Niada develops and offers the NIBOX® plastic blister series. These blisters, also commonly known as hangable cases, are versatile and customizable, widely used in retail, but also, above all, in the hardware and household sectors, plumbing, stationery, bijoux packaging, printer cartridges, and many other fields.

NBC Niada’s NIBOX® blisters are made from 100% recyclable TRANSPARENT ECOLOGICAL PET and feature a sturdy snap closure, allowing for manual, quick, fast, and secure packaging without the need for additional equipment and technology.

The Niada Group has also paid special attention to accessories and covers for the latest generation smartphones, developing specific and dedicated formats according to reference standards, in addition to a flat-backed BIVALVE NIBOX® line, mainly designed for printer cartridges.

At the heart of our production is environmental awareness

Today, more than in the past, companies must prioritize sustainability and environmental respect, and that’s what NBC Niada does with its production of always 100% sustainable, and local thermoformed products. A job done with awareness and the desire to leave future generations a better world than we found.

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