Thermoformed Packaging for High-end Cosmetics: Durability and Aesthetics

Thermoformed packaging is used to package lotions, serums, facial masks, and other cosmetics. Thermoforming is a process that involves heating a plastic film, typically PET, PS, or PVC, until it becomes soft and malleable. Then, the film is placed over a mold or form, giving the material its desired shape through pressure and suction.

Here are some advantages of thermoformed packaging in the cosmetics industry:

  1. Aesthetics: Thermoformed packaging allows for the creation of attractive and customized packages that capture consumers’ attention. They can be crafted in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match the brand’s identity or the product theme.
  2. Product Protection: Thermoformed packaging offers effective protection for cosmetics. The plastic material can be designed to be resistant to shocks, sunlight, and moisture, ensuring the product’s safety during transit and extending its shelf life.
  3. Product Visibility: Transparent thermoformed packages allow consumers to clearly see the product inside without opening it. This feature is particularly useful when wanting to showcase the color, texture, or other properties of the cosmetic.
  4. Customization: Thermoformed packaging offers design flexibility and can be tailored to meet specific product needs. They can include internal compartments to separate different components or facilitate cosmetic application.

In addition, those who rely on specialized companies like NBC Niada can count on the integration of labels, logos, and other product information. This allows brands to clearly and visibly communicate the cosmetic’s features, usage instructions, and composition details.

Generally, thermoformed packages are less expensive than other packaging options, like glass containers. They are lightweight, easy to produce in bulk, and require fewer additional packaging materials.

Concerning environmental sustainability, some companies are adopting greener solutions, such as using recyclable materials and investing in reusable packaging to reduce environmental impact.

Features of Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed packaging is gaining popularity in the industrial realm and is also employed in the high-end cosmetics sector for specific features.

Thermoforms are designed to perfectly fit the products, reducing wasted space in the packaging and optimizing logistical efficiency. This means more products can be safely transported and stored in a reduced space.

It’s a solution known for its ease of opening and usage: thermoforms can be designed with easy-open features, such as tabs or grip holes, simplifying the package’s opening for consumers. Moreover, they can be made with inserts or internal compartments to organize and separate product components.

Lastly, it’s a cost-effective packaging solution. They are made using efficient production technologies, can be produced in large quantities, and require fewer materials than other packaging options, like rigid containers.

NBC Niada’s High-end Cosmetics Thermoforms

NBC Niada’s thermoformed packages for high-end cosmetics are characterized by their innovative and elegant design and are made with top-quality, recyclable materials, adhering to the Made in Italy standards.

The design, a result of accumulated expertise, is developed based on the client’s project, offering extensive customization possibilities. Prototyping and mold construction are carried out internally, just like the entire NBC Niada range. Custom screen printing and pad printing services are also available upon request.

NBC Niada’s thermoformed packages for cosmetics are excellent display bases, inner box inclusions for gift kits of creams and perfumes, blisters, or specialized containers, effectively enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal.

NBC Niada’s Commitment to the Environment

NBC Niada focuses on a zero-kilometer production: the majority of raw materials are 100% recyclable, sourced from local suppliers, and then subjected to a stringent recycling and reuse program. Their aim is to promote the circular economy model, ensuring products and resources retain their value longer and waste production is minimized.

NBC Niada guarantees high-quality products according to the highest standards. For several years, they have acquired the ISO 9001 certification, globally qualifying the company.