Thermoformed Products for the Medical Sector: from Design to Production

In the medical sector, the precision and quality of the materials used are crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

NBC Niada, with experience in the processing of recyclable plastic blisters and thermoformed parts, is a benchmark for the production of thermoformed solutions adapted to the specific needs of this sector. In this article, we will explore the complete process that NBC Niada follows, from design to production of thermoformed products for the medical sector.

The design phase

The design phase is crucial to ensure that thermoformed products meet all the specifications required by the medical sector. NBC Niada works closely with its customers, providing targeted advice to choose the most suitable material and develop a design that meets precise technical specifications. Thanks to a team of experts and advanced technologies, the company is able to transform an idea into a concrete project, ready to be realised.

The making of moulds

Once the design is complete, the moulds are made. This step is essential to ensure that each product meets the required standards. NBC Niada uses state-of-the-art machinery and follows a meticulous process to create high-precision moulds, indispensable for the production of quality thermoformed parts. The attention to detail and the focus on perfection at this stage ensure that the final products are reliable and safe.

Production: high-quality thermoforming

The actual production takes place through thermoforming, a process that allows recyclable plastic to be moulded into specific shapes. This method offers numerous advantages, including the possibility of creating customised, high-quality products with relatively short production times. NBC Niada operates in suitable and constantly clean environments, following a strict control system of the entire production chain. This ensures that each product meets the hygiene and quality standards required by the medical sector.

Quality control: a meticulous process

Quality control is an indispensable aspect for NBC Niada. Each stage of production is carefully monitored to ensure that the final products are free of defects and meet current standards. The company adopts a strict control system, which includes regular tests and inspections, to ensure that every thermoformed item is safe and reliable. The meticulousness of this process helps to maintain high quality standards and meet specific customer requirements.

Packaging and delivery: security and reliability

To ensure maximum safety during transport, the thermoformed products are placed inside special polyethylene bags and then placed in packing boxes. This method of packaging protects products from contamination or damage, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. The care in packaging is a further sign of NBC Niada’s commitment to providing high quality and reliable solutions.

Confidentiality and customisation

NBC Niada understands the importance of confidentiality in the medical sector and guarantees the utmost discretion at every stage of the production process. The company is committed to protecting its customers’ sensitive information, ensuring that each project is treated with the utmost confidentiality. In addition, the possibility of customising thermoformed products makes it possible to meet the specific needs of each customer, offering tailor-made solutions that meet even the most particular requirements.

NBC Niada is a reliable and competent partner for the medical sector. From design to manufacture, every stage of the production process is taken care of down to the last detail to ensure high quality, safe and customised products.

Choosing NBC Niada means putting your trust in a company that puts customer satisfaction and the safety of the end product first.